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ASK - Interactive Content Management System


Modern, Smooth and Intuitive

  • The application is built with latest technologies to have the look, feel and performance to excel any completion.
  • Built with modern UI tools like Angular, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, REST

Strong Q&A Module

  • The core Q&A module is designed with a ultra strong, customizable search engine and support high end customization.
  • Search is optimized with modern design technologies for super charged performance.
  • Search engine is double featured with Google powered search too.

Smart Suggestion AI Engine

  • Smart Suggestion AI engine integrated to provide suggestions while users posting Questions. This is done by identifying the relevance of the user question asked by Index-Matching algorithm with the archive of ASK of previously answered Q&A by the author

Secure, Safe and Protected

  • Strong protection package of multiple layers of security for user Questions spamming and hackers.
  • The application shall be SSL certified for extra security.

Add-on Admin Site

  • Highly Customizable Admin site.
  • Advanced text editor, upload multiple format files and enormous possibility to customize the content, with ASK theme.
  • Multiple admins can be registered to oversee the user application.

Courses, Lectures

  • Create engaging multimedia lectures or full fledged course
  • Reach students worldwide in any language.
  • Add video, image, text, audio,youtube contents and PDF files.

Archive of Q&A

  • ASK provides a huge archive of seamless repository for Q&A, which could be downloadable at user side.
  • Embedding external links and videos like YouTube and others also could be done.
  • ASK supports multiple languages with its rich text editor.

Archive of Publications

  • Deep archive of Publications, articles and voice/media files.
  • Search Options included for Publications, articles and voice/media files.

Versatile File Handling

  • ASK support almost all modern file formats.
  • Media files are downloadable /pdf printable from user site.

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