Our Product - SmartHSE®

A cloud based Health, Safety & Environment management solution with cutting edge software suit of features and functions. We have combined best-practices across industries to offer an off-the-shelf solution as smartHSE, a passport to your company’s success by keeping your business, assets and people safe. However, we understand that, your company could have unique needs and adaptions. Our modular architecture of smartHSE offers a tailored solution to suit any domain of industry.

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RIS Innovations® could be your trusted friend who believes in serving our clients with utmost consideration throughout the life of what we offer. We provide Solutions that are build on the value of sustainability and common good of the everything around us in the system.

Your Innovative Solution Provider

RIS Innovations® stands as a domain leader providing cutting edge innovative solutions to our client's software/IT situations. With our in depth understanding of technology, we strive to provide solutions that standout as a game changer in the industry.

Your Smart Technical Consultant

RIS Innovations was born on the idea to provide smart edge to every solution we offer to our client, be it cloud or distributed systems. With the extensive experience in the domain of smart technologies, we offer solutions that are smart, competitive and high value to clients.

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We are always Reliable, Innovative & Smart, hence RIS

Think Software Solutions, think RIS. We are a Reliable, Innovative and a Smart company ready to assist you in your journey of smartifying your software problems. We are a team of Software Professionals with many years of core industry experience who could help you win with your business better and smarter.

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Do you have an idea to improve your business with a smarter way of doing things? Contact us, we could help you. We have been in the smart industry since many years and hence can help you improve your business. Come, ping us, we are just a click away.

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Mobile Applications

Develop the next generation mobile apps with RISInnovations. Whatever type of mobile application you want to develop, we have a solution for you: From Enterprise mobile applications, to small utility apps, and everything in between.

Industrial Software Solutions

Sharpen your business edge with cutting edge software solutions to your Industrial needs. We bridge the gap of IT to Industry – and hence take our clients and partners to the victory faster, cheaper and smarter.

Modernized Web Apps

We are specialized in high performance web apps which are secure, flexible, and scalable.We use the app-shell model to provide app-style navigations and interactions.

SQL Server Consulting Services

We provides the expert SQL Server database administration and development solutions to optimize and protect your data.

Our Values